Biko with my son Aiden

Size: Standard, 26 inches, 60 pounds
Color: White with a hint of apricot

Eye color: light brown

Coat: Wool

Generation: Labradoodle Goldendoodle
Hips: OFA-Good
Elbows: OFA-Normal
Heart: OFA-Normal

CERF: 09/29/2017

Biko is a multi gen Double Doodle and the son of Ayla. He is a big dog that loves to be near his humans and cuddle. He is very smart,  obedient, and loves to play fetch. He loves to play with other dogs and plays gently with the puppies here. Biko is beautiful to watch with a long gait and flowing, soft, wool coat. We enjoy having him here with me and my boys. He is also the best security dog as he will bark at strange people protecting our property and children.

Please click on this image below to view Biko’s Paw Print Genetic testings

Paw Print Pedigrees Dog Seal