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Princess Peony

Beautiful Kelsey ! (aka Princess Peony)

Princess Peony (aka Kelsey) ! One of my favorites to hold back as a guardian family pet! She had such good temperment as a young pup and was very easy to train!

Please see a vid of her as a younger pup, click the link to view!

Here’s another vid of Kelsey, she is in the other half of this video training. Thanks for viewing!

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She is all grown up now , and she still is a smart, loving, very human bonded , with such a very sweet gentle temperment and beautiful grace about her , thanks to her Guardian Family home in Bellevue!

She is a Small Standard Labradoodle/Goldendoodle weight at 44.5 lbs and stands at 23″ to the shoulder. Health tested by Paw Print Genetics and Pennhipp tested. Lovely Apricot with White marks, she is a walking dream!

Princess Peony will be having her first planned Litter in February 2020 for take home at the end of May 2020!

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