Available Older Pups

I’m sorry we don’t have any older pups available at this time. But please check back, we may have one available in mid June 2020!

Crate trained and are sleeping through the night in their crate! Sweet smart pups give their paw to wave, so cute!! 


Mini pups expected to be 18-25 lbs.

Standard pups expected to be 45-55 lbs. 

Older pups can hold their bladder much longer than a younger pup. Playing fetch and water play several times a day,  human bonded pups that love to be petted and cuddled! Hand fed when young to create human bonding. 

Please scroll down to bottom of page to view Current photos of past Older pup Charlie 

(Older PUP Charlie in video) 

Charlie has now gone to his new forever home. 

Latest Video! 😀 7/29/2019!



Past Older pups :

1.  MALE  Brown collar – ‘Charlie’ reserved


Older pups are eating Smallbatch Raw Beef Premade frozen patties and I alternate with home made. Fed 2X/day.

Update! June 2019, older pups are eating V-dog Vegan dry kibble.

Socialized with adult large dogs, human bonded, sweet, friendly, playful, sweet temperment! Coats low to non shed multi gen.Vet checked, age appropriate vaccines given. Crate trained several times during the day for house training, uses adult doggy door, potties outdoors on our mulch dog run area , also trained to use an indoor potty litterbox when they were younger. Sleeps through the night in crate. Leash walked Trained to not pull, to walk on left side heel for a less stressful walk for both pup and you!

Must take out before bedtime and first thing in the morning.

Very sweet happy, playful puppies.

Our older pups are Petted, massaged and played a game of fetch daily.  Pups listen to dog therapy music while being crate trained, and alternate with no music.


Please serious inquirees email me at a6santa@hotmail.com if interested.

If interested, please fill out puppy application (on Reserve your bundle of joy page) and send  (you can also copy and paste send) to a6santa@hotmail.com

Thank you for your interest!


Puppy raising experience preferred!! Owning a pup or dog is a lifetime of training!

Older pups still have to be supervised and taken out to potty during the day every 3 hours if crate training and monitoring water intake for success.

If interested, please email us and fill out puppy application (on Reserve your bundle of joy page) and send to a6santa@hotmail.com

Please read ‘reserve your bundle of joy’ page for more info.

Past older Pup Princess Peony 🌹 Beautiful Female older pup now lives with her Guardian family!  She will be having her 1st litter sometime in  April 2020.

Thank you!

If you want more information about older pups with extra training click on the link below:

Puppy Extended Training click link below