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Our Mini Petite Australian Labradoodle

Gently Raising pups with Music and Dog Therapy Music to save Pups/Humans Lives !

Welcome to our site! My name is Aimee, and it is my passion to gently raise/train the Australian labradoodle with music including dog therapy music for sleep for calmness. I use dog therapy music while crate training and during travel to Vet to avoid stress for pups and their humans!

Jim Mattis at home with Oakley, a Laladoodles Puppy- 12/2023

Jim Mattis with Oakley, a Laladoodles Puppy – 12/2023


For years, I’ve been gently training dogs using dog therapy music for calmness while crate training, music in car rides with praise and treats (to help with anxiety/nausea), puppy soundproofing (fireworks), indoor litter box potty training, and early neurological stimulation (ENS).

Please see our video of pups being crate trained using our original Laladoodles Calm dog therapy music (created my my eldest son Andrew), which includes momma dog’s happy noises, this helps to avoid anxiety in our pups.

As an introverted child, I’ve been exposed to abused puppies and I experienced puppy trauma after witnessing the death of one of our stray dog’s pups, which could’ve been avoided. I’ve never had the chance to express this to others.

I want to give it my all when it comes to providing to families everywhere.

My hope is that our pups give the same comfort, love, and therapy to children or adults as they have given to me and my family.

I try my best with each litter in hopes that a pup will help out a child with autism as ours has helped our children.

Thanks again for your interest. Keep strong as I will try my best to do as well!

Introvert Mom / 4 sons / 2 Autistic / Living with Occipital Neuralgia /

Training Older Puppy “ Lady Emma” No Collar Puppy Training

I am very focused on raising puppies, meeting their needs and am extremely cognizant of their health, well being and safety. Due to this I prefer to keep communications to a digital format whenever possible

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Our Family

Hi my name is Aimee Santa Monica and together with my husband Alexander (together 24 yrs), Grandma Lilia, and our 4 sons Andrew (20), Aiden (18), Aero (15), and Axel (7) we are so in love with the Australian Labradoodle!

We are a licensed WA state small family breeder and we live in Seattle, Washington on Beacon Hill which is 5 miles from Downtown Seattle.

I train pups with dog therapy music for sleep to help prevent anxiety. Pups will be used to dog therapy music and music routine before they go to new homes. We use calming dog therapy music to save pups and humans lives!

We are also Christian churchgoers. If interested, please click on this picture: 

House of Worship Directory

We are a family of animal lovers. We love, care, and specialize in the combination of the mellow easy going temperament of the Australian labradoodle we just Love their fun personality and beauty !

When I first met an Australian labradoodle many years ago I was intrigued with this mixed breeds large presence and calm temperament and so I researched all about this new hybrid in hopes to add one to our family. I knew I wanted a large dog minus all the shedding. This beautiful blend of breeds was THE best choice for our family companion, having children with special needs,  2 sons with autism and asthma.

It is a joy to have dogs with such sweet disposition, intelligence, grace, loyalty, and friendliness. That is why we breed the Australian Labradoodle , so that other families may be able to add an Australian Labradoodle “LaLa Doodle” to their lives. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel at aimeeseattle to support us and watch for notifications of future litters!

Princess Margareta ❤️

Our breeding pets are extensively health tested, OFA registered, Pennhip tested, and genetically tested through Paw Print Genetics to ensure our future pups will be healthy as can be for your peace of mind.

Learn to Groom your pup’s coat by watching Dede Croy at My Favorite Groomer on YouTube! A DOODLE IS HIGH MAINTENANCE! She is amazing and helps so many people and animals. LaLaDoodles only gets professional quality grooming supplies from the best, on MyFavoriteGroomer.com. She will recommend the best tools for your dog/puppy maintenance.

Update: 03/27/2018

We are excited to announce that we have just recently switched our dogs to a raw diet!

Please watch this video to learn about how a change of diet can help your dog live a longer healthier life with you. 

May 7, 2018

We are still new to raw, but here is our 7th week vid of our food still transitioning.

We prepare our own raw food diet and also supplement with these pre-made raw brands:

Stella and Chewy’s, Northwest Naturals, Small Batch, Steve’s Real dog Food.I find these brands at All The Best Pet Care. 

January 2020: We have added the Natural Balance dry dog food to our dog’s diet to AVOID any pea protein and lentils as it causes heart disease.

Please click on this link below to order subscribe to your Natural Balance Lamb and Rice Puppy Food today to get it ahead of time! It is linked to laladoodles and helps support us, thank you!


link to article below: https://www.businessinsider.com/dog-food-brands-and-heart-disease-fda-warning-2019-6

  • The Food and Drug Administration is investigating a possible link between certain dog foods and dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), which can cause congestive heart failure.
  • The investigation involves 560 cases of dogs diagnosed with DCM. The FDA has found that most of the animals consumed foods that were grain-free (91%) and contained peas and/or lentils (93%)
  • The FDA on Thursday identified food brands most frequently identified in the case reports that it’s studying. These include Acana, Zignature, and Taste of the Wild.

Please watch the video below of one of my favorite YouTuber Vets, Dr. Jones of Veterinary Secrets talk about the 2019 dog food recall.

The Best dog leash i own- very comfortable on my hands, wrists, and i always have a controlled grip while walking dog in heel position! Please order this training Lead- Leash Boss- it’s the best, i love it! I ordered the purple! Please Click on the link if interested. Thank You! Aimee

2024- We are feeding our adult dogs Ziwi Peak air dried Lamb , it contains New Zealand green mussels

2024-We are also feeding our adult dogs Northwest Naturals premade frozen raw nuggets in Lamb.


Axel sharing his milk

We are a small family home based breeder. Our puppies are born and raised gently in our home. My passion is to give it my 100% to raising happy, calm natured/temperament pups that will have service/therapy dog potential. I know that if my pups can go to families to help as a service or therapy dog or provide security and comfort for a child or adult, I know I’ve done my job to help.

My 2nd son Aiden studying with little Benka.

This is a video of past older pup with extended stay training. She is learning restraint, sit on place command, and come to heel position  This pup has now gone to her new forever home.

I try my best with each litter in hopes that a pup will help out a child with autism as ours has helped our children.

Thanks again for your interest. Keep strong as I will try my best to do as well!

Introvert Mom / 4 sons / 2 Autistic / Living with Occipital Neuralgia / Husband losing Vision

Aimee Santa Monica