Training at Lala Doodles

Princess Margareta as a baby

Early Neurological Stimulation

The Early neurological stimulation method was developed by the US military for their canine program to improve the performance of their dogs for military purpose training  and research has shown this to be beneficial for more tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease.

I start when pups are newborn at 3 days old until 16 days old, this is a small window of opportunity when puppies develop most of their early neurological growth.

More information can be found by reading “Breeding Better Dogs” ( )
by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia, PHD. Dr. Battaglia is a behavioral scientist and researcher whose writings and lectures are well known throughout the world of purebred dogs. His seminars and lectures on “Breeding Better Dogs” parallel his popular book and video by the same title.

Puppy Experiences :

I start puppy sound proof training at a very early age, even before their eyes and ears open.  I am playing our own original F2B laladoodles calm dog therapy music daily.  This music sets a calm tone and will be used while introducing pups to crate training  and traveling , as they will be familiar with this sound and routine. I have been using this method for years and it creates a calm routine that pups start to settle down faster. I play this music on the way to the vet in car or hound to outings with pups. I also leave the music in during vet visits for a calming tone.  This music will be used on our senior dog when it will be time for her to pass when the time comes.

The Puppy Sound Proofing app with various different noises is used when pups start to play with each other so they will be used to sounds like fireworks and won’t be afraid of loud noises as they grow . Please continue to use this weekly when pups are living with you, especially the fireworks sounds. It helped me prevent fireworks anxiety in all my pups/dogs!

Puppy Sound Proof App

I train pups by using a combination of methods. Clicker positive behavior reinforcement with treat reward, praise reward,  and when I have pups stay longer such as 8-16 weeks, I transition to  no treat training, or correction (correction by repositioning their body position)  with the word no.  When  training something new I may reward pup for positive behavior with clicker training and treat reward  at the beginning , then I may alternate and not reward with  treat  but with praise.

Pet Safe Clik-R

I train pups with calm body language and a calm tone of voice. I do not over excite pups. I train for calm good behavior, calm emotions, calm environment.

Jamie French, Trust Technique