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1. Which litter are you applying for? Why? Describe your ideal dog’s temperament.

2. Why is the Double Doodle (Labradoodle/Goldendoodle mix) the right breed for you?

3. What size of doodle are you interested in?
Mini (20-27lbs)
Standard (45-60lbs)
4. What is your living situation?
Single Family
5. Will you train your dog for service/therapy? What kind?

6. Do you have a fence? If not, how will you exercise and potty your puppy?

7. Do you have children/grandchildren? How old are they? Who has special needs

8. Have you owned dogs before? Do you have any puppy raising experience?

9. Please list your current pets – their ages, species, intact/spayed/neutered?

10. What sex puppy are you interested in & why?

11. Are you willing to use crate training? Have you used this method before?

12. Who will have primary responsibility for this puppy?

13. Who will be able to be at home while this pup acclimates to your household?

14. Where will your puppy spend his/her days? Please describe a typical day.

15. Where will your puppy spend his/her nights? Please describe.

16. What activities do you plan on doing with this dog?

17. If you travel frequently, what provisions will be made for the dog while you are away?

18. Are you willing to continue feeding a high-quality diet to your puppy?
19. Who in your family is most excited about this dog? Why?

20. Does anyone in your family suffer from dog-related allergies?
If yes, please explain.

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