Code of Ethics

All puppies from Lala Doodles are born and raised in our family home located close to Boeing airfield so they are used to the sound of airplanes nearby. They are exposed to everyday household sounds and learn to be social with family, friends, and older dogs.

We only breed from OFA-registered health-tested parents who have been hip and elbow scored, have done their cardiac exams, and eye CERFs.

We only breed from dogs with good temperaments, understanding the important traits that need to be passed down the line.

All of our puppies will be vet-checked before leaving for their new homes. They will have been regularly wormed and flea-treated.

All puppies will have started potty training using a box full of pellets in their den.

Puppies are sold as PETS ONLY. Contract will be given on sale and this will include a time to have your dog neutered by.

We do not sell dogs to pet shops or third parties. The dog you buy should be for you and not for selling.

If your circumstance changes and you need to re-home your puppy, we will do our very best to help you find your puppy a suitable, loving home. Until a suitable purchaser is found, the puppy would stay with their current family.

Deposit is refundable only before pick-up day of the puppy. On the day of viewing, If we feel that you would not be a suitable owner for one of our puppies, we reserve the right to refuse to sell you one and would return your deposit in full.

I will ensure that all dogs in my keeping will have all physical and emotional needs met.

This will include:

Appropriate food, water, shelter (clean space and appropriate temperatures)


Protection from bodily harm

Human contact

Appropriate stimulation

All dogs in my care will receive veterinary care and I will maintain accurate records of all care.

All dogs will be supervised for safety to the best of my ability.

I agree to test all dogs for genetic diseases relevant to the breed prior to breeding, and will clearly state what testing has been done.

I will not sell or trade with any commercial animal wholesalers or retail pet dealers, nor place any dogs in Animal Shelters, but will be committed to find a safe and secure home for all dogs and puppies that leave my home.

I will be available to buyers for whatever advice, reasonable aid or assistance they may need for the life of the dog.