Fall of 2024 Planned Litter for Puppies Available in MID Winter! Mini 25-35 lbs!

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Puppies in August 2024!

West Valley’s Crown Princess Margareta , Future Momma!

Snooze and Sniff Mambo of West Valley Labradoodles









Expected to be 25-35 lbs


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Please email me at [email protected] if interested.


If you would like to reserve a puppy , please email me your puppy application first before sending your deposit to hold your puppy on the reserving waitlist, thank you.

Crate trained with our original calming F2B Laladoodles Music, sleeping through the night in crate, doggy door trained , outdoor potty trained, Vet checked with Vaccines given at Vet. Groomed weekly on Grooming table adjusted, Nail buffing (Dremel) done weekly adjusted , professional forced air dryer & regular home hair dryer (THairapy 365 infrared blow dryer) adjusted to weekly


Hi! I’m a Laladoodles Older Puppy ! I’m super sweet, human bonded, used to gentle hugs and touches daily . My human started ENS at day 3 with me daily! She also started nail buffing filing on me at 14 days of age ! She does this weekly so I get used to it! Music was playing daily when I was born, but I only started hearing it more when my ears and eyes started opening when I was 2 weeks old!

I am Raised with the Laladoodles calm dog therapy music created by human Andrew , Aimee’s eldest son.

I am an older puppy that enjoys playing fetch with soft stuffed toys and balls here at Laladoodles! Nail buffing ,gentle paw handling, and brushing (while being carried or on a grooming table) is done daily to help me avoid fear of grooming. I will be Used to gentle bathes and blow dries, on top of a soft padded safe grooming table. My human Aimee hugs me daily and tells me how beautiful and special I am, while music plays, and that makes me feel great!

I am litter tray trained starting at 3 weeks old, using a litter tray in my puppy pen area. I also learn how to use a doggy door to go outside and potty. I am encouraged with praise to potty outdoors. I am also Socialized with adult large dogs daily. I started sleeping in an open Diggs revol crate with soft chew toys, deer antler chews, and a snuggle puppy. Now as an older puppy, I can sleep overnight in a closed crate with the F2b laladoodles music. I am crate trained introduced daily several times during the day time and I learn to settle easily in my crate when closed. This routine helps prevent separation anxiety for me.
I hear calm Music being played daily . My mamma has learned to use the Fluent Pet Buttons. My mamma is also trained to walk on the left in heel position and training to come spin to heel position.

I am Very smart like my momma ! I am a Wonderful Beautiful Sweet pup! I have a soft low to non shedding coat that needs to be maintained every week by brushing and combing! I hardly shed at all!

If you are interested in an older pup:

Our older pups can hold their bladder a little longer than an 8 weeks old puppy. But they will be more able to hold their bladder at 6 months of age. So they will still need to potty outdoors or on indoor litter tray every few hours.
Our older pups have had more crate training with our dog therapy music. Also desensitized to loud fireworks sounds with puppy sound app played daily.

Multigen Puppies

Both parents health & genetics tested for healthy puppies.

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So very excited for this mini litter! Expecting pups to be 25-30 lbs.

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Expected size of pups as adults  25-35 lbs. 

Please email me if you are interested. I have spots available! Thank you for your interest!

If interested, please send your puppy application to my email at [email protected]

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 The puppy application can be found at the bottom of the “Reserve Your New Bundle of Joy” page. Please copy application, paste to your email to send to me. Thank you! 

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