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The Best Dog Litter Box (Blog below)

Using Dog Therapy Music Training for Calmness


Animals respond to calm music! We’ve been using our Dog Therapy Music with Pups during crate training and traveling . The music combines mama dogs happy sounds. This is a type of Music Imprinting for calm Routine training that we’ve developed at Laladoodles.
Contact us if you’re interested in having your own personalized calm music infused with your dogs happy sounds.

Our eldest son Andrew living with high functioning Autism helps us create the personalized music for your puppies!

Original music created by Andrew, combines mamma dogs happy sounds!
Email [email protected] for more info!

Laladoodles music being played starting when pups are 2 weeks of age! Used during crate training, traveling to vet, and car rides for calming.

See and listen to our calm dog therapy music (created by my eldest son) that we use while raising our pups and use this while crate training. It includes mommy lolly’s happy noises in the music! Click here and use while you continue to crate train your pups!

I’ve always wondered if there’s a better solution to our dog litter box area. As a breeder of over 12 years, i am obsessed over our dogs and puppies , so i am always on the look out for anything new and amazing to help our dogs/pups lives and make my dog breeding life easier . I have learned from other breeders how to litter box train young puppies, but the hardest part was searching for the right litter box tray or box to use for our pups for indoor use. I’ve used 2.75 inch high metal boxes for years and it worked out ok , so i guess i’ve been so used to all the wood pellets scattering . But i would always dread as pups reached 7 weeks of age , for at that period they start to drag their toys into the litter box and there would be always a pup or 2 that enjoyed romping around and playing in it, so the chore would double!

When i found this large dog litter box online mentioned on a site, i felt that it was the best day of my life! I thought to myself- this can change my dog breeding life forever! But then i found out it was sold out for a long while! So i was so glad i was able to contact the company and turned out they were just about getting ready to have this up online again! I waited daily, messaged daily, and finally it was up for sale yahoo! I felt like i had won the lotto, weird huh- but i literally jumped for joy when i received it in mail! I love this so much that i felt it was wrong to not share this info.

The thing is, i don’t think many dog breeders know about this litter box- because i’ve never seen another dog breeder use this ( and i have searched high and low, read so many articles, searched other breeders videos/photos )- as this litterbox was originally made for mini pigs!! Yes, MINI PIGS, goats, guinea pigs, and ferrets, small animals up to 150 lbs. This is a dog breeders dream come true -we have finally upgraded to a large pup litter box!

That’s me sitting in it, right next to our older box. It’s really larger than it looks in the image. It’s made of high quality durable plastic and it’s high sides help keep in pellets from scattering. I like how it looks more appealing than a metal tray or plastic bin. Can a puppy dog litter box be sexy black, yes this is! It certainly looks way more professional than the plastic bins, boot trays, or metal pans i’ve used.

I am always looking for the next greatest thing to help in dog breeding life, and for sure this is it! I hope this helps out someone looking to make life easier for pups potty training! Less headache! lol i know alot of dog breeders would be interested in this, and new pups families would find that this litter box would make for a less stressful transition to their new homes .

If you are interested, you may click on the link for more information and on where to order yours today! And oh… you’re welcome!

Here is the link below to our unboxing video of the litter box, thank you for watching !