Ayla in Haleiwa, Hawaii with us

Size: 21 inches, 45 pounds
Color: Apricot
Coat: Wool
Generation: F1BB Labradoodle
Hips: OFA-Excellent
Elbows: OFA-Normal
Cardiac : OFA-Normal
Eyes CERF 9/29/17

Ayla is such a joy to our family. She was mocha colored as a pup but now is a beautiful Apricot color. She is a wonderful and calm dog with our kids and family. Ayla enjoys playing fetch, taking walks, having baths, being brushed, and getting massaged. She loves stuffed animals that squeak or rattle and will collect a few and keep them nearby on her Kuranda bed or Serta bed. Ayla was an excellent mama dog ,tireless and a loving mama to her puppies. Ayla is also my medical alert dog for occipital neuralgia. She is retired and lives inside our home . Ayla is the mother of Queen Emma (New name Bella) and Molly.

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