Past litter

A few families have picked up their pup earlier, a day before or 2 days before- but please no earlier than that!

Coats and Colors in order of Birth

1. Red Collar Female: Smooth, Caramel Red with white markings on her chest, brown eyes,nose black: RESERVED!
2. Orange Collar Female :Smooth, lightest Apricot, Blue/ green eyes, nose brown : RESERVED!
3. Purple Collar Female: Curly, Dark Caramel Red, Blue /green eyes, nose brown : RESERVED!
Purple collar Female grown-
4. Neon Collar MALE: Smooth, Caramel, brown eyes,  nose black: RESERVED!
5. Yellow Collar Female: Curly, lightest Apricot,  Blue /green eyes, nose brown: RESERVED!
Yellow collar Female grown-
6.Blue Collar MALE: Curly, Darkest Caramel Red,  brown eyes, nose black: RESERVED !
Blue collar male grown-

7.Pink Collar Female: Curly, lightest Apricot,  brown eyes, nose black
Pink collar Female grown –
8.Grey Collar Female: Curly, Dark Caramel Red, brown eyes, nose black: RESERVED!
Grey collar Female grown-
9. Green Collar MALE: Smooth, Caramel Red, Blue/green eyes, nose brown: RESERVED!
Green collar male grown –
Smooth coat pups-   these pups will have a  fleecey beautiful loose curly coat as an adult, they shed a little but are less maintenance than the curlier coats , because they don’t Matt up as easy if you keep their coats at a longer length . 
Curly coats –   these pups are very low to non shedding !  Their beautiful curls require grooming more often if their coats are to be kept longer. 
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